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Spiritual Direction


I love the call to collaborate
with God's love
in a life.
It is a privilege and grace
to be invited to do so.

I wish you all good,
and commend your desire
to be more attentive, responsive and vulnerable
in your relationship with God.

God's love and gracious invitations to us
are beyond any hopes we may have.
And so, with the psalmist, may you pray,
from experience and knowledge,
"to be near God is my good".

If you are considering Spiritual Direction...
I want to take this opportunity to affirm your desire to respond more fully to God's invitations to you, your commitment to deeper sensitivity to the Spirit, and your desire to intentionally attend to God, who is delighted to be with you.
                                 EMMANUEL - God-With-Us!

NOTE:  If you are new to this form of companionship, below  are some reflections and an image to help illuminate what this is about.  For those who know direction well, it will provide some insight on my priorities in this essential ministry.

Spiritual Direction's particular focus is the individual's relationship with and life with God.  This does not exclude other aspects of life, for "Nothing is profane for those who have eyes to see" (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin).  Where direction conversations may include some of the same general life content as some other forms of accompaniment, its purpose is distinct.  It seeks to humbly collaborate with God's invitations to an individual.

It may be sought in order to:  

  • deepen one's relationship with God,
  • develop sensitivity to the way God works in the world - in one's life and work and relationships,
  • have a companion as one struggles with familiar obstacles or areas of disconnect between what one believes and what one lives/thinks/feels,
  • take new steps,
  • discern direction,
  • live more faithfully. 

      God carries each person along a different road,
            so that you will scarcely find two people
                       following the same route... 
                                 St. John of the Cross 

Spiritual Direction offers hospitality or guest-friendship, along a journey both deep and intimate.  It believes that God is at work in every life, always longing for us. 

A spiritual director does not so much direct (as in, provide commands or answers or teachings) as honor the relationship God has with the individual.  Those trained and formed as spiritual directors bring theological training, insights
into human development, understandings of how the faith-love relationship between God and persons has unfolded in history, and a grounding that comes from ongoing attentiveness to their own life through spiritual direction and supervision.  

    I hold a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Direction Studies 
                           See Bio or LinkedIn for more info.

             I am a member of Spiritual Directors International, 
                           whose code of ethics I follow.
      See their site (link below) for more info on spiritual direction.


Rev. Margaret Guenther, author of Holy Listening:  The Art of Spiritual Direction, describes the spiritual director as a midwife to a deepened life in the Spirit.  A mid-wife is literally a "with-woman" - one who cheers and offers solace, listens and waits-with, know the rhythms of the journey, prays for and with, clarifies invitations and transition moments.  My grandmother, Minnie Combs Cahoon, acted in her rural North Carolina as a mid-wife.  My niece in Australia, Clare, is a trained mid-wife who has assisted many women.  I find my own way of mid-wifing compatible with grace, God's humor and invitation, and a companionship with our generations in accompanying those along the way.  My grandmother and niece helped women give birth... I get to assist men and women of many ages and lifeways!   

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