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Joanne is a passionate trainer and person of faith who believes in serving others and de-mystifying challenges of life through reflection, good processes and skills, as well as calling for accountability.
           ~ Mike Patin
    National speaker, LA

Joanne is a great listener, a deep thinker, and a kind companion to have along on your journey, whether it be as a life counselor, a spiritual director, or as a career adviser.  I can offer no higher recommendation to anyone.
~ Dan Mulhall
    Nat'l consultant, MD

Joanne is a faith-filled retreat and spiritual director.  She speaks from the heart....  If you choose her, you'll be glad you did.
      ~ Harry Dudley, DMin

Joanne has always engaged in whatever project we have presented her with in a professional manner and a great deal of creativity and flexibility. She listens well to our desired outcomes and designs processes that implement the project in inventive ways for our particpants to achieve a high level of enrichment.
          ~ JosephSwiss,  
Parish Pastoral Associate  
     Previous Diocesan Catechist
     Formation Staff, MD

Joanne is a creative, inspiring, and dedicated professional and a true national resource...  She has the rare ability to connect with and impact people, while remaining focused and intentional. Joanne combines humor, wit, and real world experience to her vast store of knowledge and experience to really make a difference in the lives of so many people.
            ~ Anthony Albence, 
    State of Delaware, 
    Previous Diocesan Young 
    Adult Ministry, DE

Joanne is an intelligent, passionate leader who brings a wealth of insight and experience to her endeavors.  She is one who cares to make a difference in the world.
  ~ Ilia Delio, OSF, PhD
                Fellow Woodstock 
                Theological Ctr, DC

Joanne is a dynamic presenter who connects with a broad range of people through effective use of group dynamics and deep well of resources from which she can draw.  
~ Susan Timoney, STD  
        Archdiocese of Washington

Joanne is a wonderful person who is extremely authentic and has a tremendous amount of diverse experiences supporting and walking with people as they discern their callings and life directions. In particular I especially appreciated Joanne's passion and care for each person that she encounters and works with.  I would strongly recommend Joanne as a life coach or spiritual director to anyone who is looking for a companion on the journey who is authentic, honest, and compassionate.
             ~ Joseph Mazzawi, MDiv
      Campus Ministry, Cornell Univ

This is a professional who is academically and professionally qualified for the ministry in which she is engaged, and her personal wealth of experience has buttressed her skills set with a tangible underpinning of true wisdom. 
               ~ Mark Winterbottom,
  Parish Coord of Formation for
                Youth/Young Adult 
                 Ministry, DE

Joanne has provided services to my programs on several occassions. She asked excellent questions to really discover what I wanted and needed, was creative in designing the retreat experiences, and very good in delivering the retreat. She made great adjustments 'on the ground' once the retreat began. I recommend her highly.
                ~ Peter Barbernitz, 
            Parish Pastoral Associate 
            for Evangelization, MD

Joanne is creative and everything she does has a unique mark.
                ~ Carol Augustine,
        Previous Diocesan Director,
           Evangelization and    
            Catechesis, MD


RETREATS provide space and opportunity...

...for individuals and groups to take a deep breath and dwell deeply in the present, to remember what is most essential in their lives, their work, their walk with God and others.  From directed silent retreats to presented retreats, days are tailored to meet the needs of an individual or group.  In-Spirited Retreats value silence, prayer, reflection, sharing (as desired); dwelling with scripture and story and images, and focus on Christian spiritual traditions and the wisdom of saints and witnesses.  Retreats are faithful choices to make room, creating boundaried holy 'time out of time' and 'space out of space' claimed for growth and rest, insight and grace.

PRESENTATIONS provide input, something to chew on...

...for large or small groups in a variety of areas.  With decades of experience teaching and training in local and national settings with all ages, through workshops and in classrooms from elementary through graduate school, In-Spirited brings a commitment to solid input delivered in an accessible manner.  Joanne is sought to speak on spirituality, mission, ministry, scripture, goals and change, balanced living, time/stress management, formation for ministry, discernment, prayer, changes and choices, leadership, education, fostering faith, and more!

SPIRITUAL DIRECTION  honors, serves, and collaborates with God's action and invitations in lives.  Find more on this at the tab above. 

PROFESSIONAL COACHING  allies with individuals for the sake of forward movement...

Coaching is an interactive process which promotes desired change and strength in an area of life, work, ministry, vocation, relationship where one is stalled.  It prompts deepened awareness, offers perspectives and strategies, tests directions, provides support and accountability.  It encourages and motivates towards value based decisions, and hopes for and with the client as action pulls the client forward.  See In-Spirited Coaching website link for more information.   Click on PROFESSIONAL COACHING above.

CONSULTING and MENTORING provide information, insight, and structured assistance... an area where clarity and solid information can be useful for a group or individual.  With extensive experience in ministry organizations, local churches, Catholic schools, diocesan offices, higher education institutions, religious communities, Joanne enjoys the kind of presence with a group or an individual that kick starts folks forward in a project or direction with direct guidance and ideas.  PROJECT DESIGN and/or FEEDBACK may be natural service-needs that flow out of the consulting setting whether it's with a committee or a responsible project creator/manager.

WRITING/EDITING creates or polishes needed copy... that individuals and groups can spend their time on other priority work, or take a break!  From high school journalism and editing and 'paste-up' (!) forward, Joanne has been happily involved in the art of word-smithing, and endeavors to capture what a client most needs.  In addition to words, Joanne values good looking delivery of a message, and can assist in some design projects. 

FORMATION FOR MINISTRY takes its leads from the four areas of formation - human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral...

...and Joanne has mentored, trained and educated many over the years.  Interested in intellectual and pastoral preparation, Joanne holds particular focus on human and spiritual formation (easily seen in her work with both retreats/spiritual direction and professional coaching).  Her doctoral thesis at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, completed under the direction of Stephen Bevans, SVD with Tony (Anthony) Gittins, CSSp as faculty reader, is entitled EMBODYING THE GOSPEL WE PROCLAIM:  SPIRITUAL FORMATION FOR LAY ECCLESIAL MINISTERS.  Formation work may come in terms of planning and preparing, mentoring or directing, teaching and training, or being with those preparing for or already in ministry (particularly lay ecclesial ministry or ministries of evangelization).    


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